Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dia de Practica: Mi Primer Proyecto

As I mentioned previously, Peace Corps training has a large practical component in addition to language lessons and classroom technical sessions. In addition to the volunteer visit in the interior, we also have what are called "Dias de Practica" encouraging us to get out into the community to learn more about our training pueblo and try to find managable small projects for our time in site. After a very educational but not particularly work intensive Dia de Practica last week, my fellow trainee and I were feeling in a bit of a rut on the technology theme we had choosen to work on. Having decided that prehaps computer technology and lessons was not a felt need of this community, we decided to visit the colegio and the municipalidad today to learn about educational gaps and felt needs concerning youth. Cha-ching! Suddenly, we now have 2 classes or 40 kids each for a Como Planear mi Vida session starting the first week after the students get back from winter vacation.

Como Planear mi Vida is a program designed to aid youth and young adults (jovenes, the Spanish word for youth, actually includes everyone 30 years and younger here) in developing self-esteem, life goals, and a plan to acheive their dreams. Utilizing non-formal education techniques, our aim is to get the kids participating in games and discussions surrounding those big questions central to our lives: 1) Who am I? 2)What do I want to do? 3) How am I going to get there? We´re not talking the small stuff either- the directora, principal, has asked us to get these kids dreaming big by expanding their world view and broadening horizons. While it may not be possible to do all that in one day, we´re certainly going to take a stab at it.

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