Friday, August 17, 2012


Just as we swore-in to Peace Corps two years ago, today I returned to the Peace Corps office in Asuncion, Paraguay with my fellow G33 volunteers for a final "chau" to my office and the start of my life as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV). After several days of paperwork, signing forms, and evaluations it was finally time to go. We did it!

After some final meetings discussing the future of the CED sector, I rushed to the conference room for our swear-out ceremony at 3pm. Our second-in-command discussed all that we had been through as the G that wouldn't quit- the loss of a friend, the introduction of new life in the form of a Peace Corps baby, and our resilience through times of joy and sadness in the ups and downs of service. Then our sector-head listed off our various accomplishments as a group and individually painting a lovely picture of the bright future we all contributed to through our work. Finally, our G gave our speeches and presented our gifts to the office, "The Best G-33" of course. And then, it was over.

One last round of terere at the office, one last trip to the mall, and one last chat.  I guess that was Peace Corps. I am no longer a volunteer. Now a RPCV.

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