Sunday, April 29, 2012

Maraton Radial No. 2

This week we had the second annual radio marathon for the local soup kitchen. With a lot less on the line this year than the last, our planning and execution left a lot to be asked for. Here are some of this years bloopers:

1. After many discussions about preping our radio audience with background on the soup kitchen's progress in the last year, we almost didn't end up getting into the radio even the day before the marathon for an overview. In a last stitch effort, I called in our most guapo volunteer for a mini rundown but didn't realize he would have trouble reading off our donor names and skip a few. Opps!
2. We were supposed to start at 9am, but nobody arrived until 10am.
3. Our radio host became pretty frustrated waiting for people to arrive, so he ended up going on a rant about punctuality. Then he made this really awkward statement about how Peace Corps volunteers are really the ones moving the town and proposed they put a statue of me in the plaza. What?!? I declined.
4. Once we finally got started, we called in my site-mate that often reads with the kids to talk about activities at the comedor. The poor thing was cut off no less than 7 times before she could even get out a sentence. By that time, we weren't even sure what we were talking about anymore.
5. One of our volunteers I now know has a stutter when he is nervous... I felt terrible for asking him to talk about his help every Saturday. He was an outstanding bookkeeper though on the day, so everyone had a place and a job.

Good news is, even with all the minor errors, we still earned quite a bit in funds, food, and supplies and had a great time!

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