Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fiesta Patronal

Paraguay is a predominately Catholic country with approximately 96% of the population identified as such. That being said, many of the holidays in Paraguay relate to religious events, saints, etc. Fiesta Patronal is celebrated in every city when the day for the city's patron saint comes about. In my site, we've been gearing up for Fiesta Patronal celebrating the Virgen de la Natividad for the last 10 days with misa (mass) every night, cultural celebrations, and the like. Check out the activities I've attended in this last couple of weeks:

Monday-Wednesday- Nightly Misas with Noches Culturales

Saturday- Festejo de Fiesta Patronal

Monday- Visit from various Paraguayan Pa'ikuera

Tuesday- Torin y Massive Concert with Famosas Cachacas!

Wednesday- Procesion de la Virgen

In short an amazing couple of weeks! Lots of singing, dancing, eating, and celebrating. I can only hope that we have more fun times like this in the future!

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